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During the last few years the sportswear market has seen tremendous growth with all the major labels getting on board.
The trend has taken many forms, technical activewear, yoga wear and couture athleisure. Beyonce has just launched Ivy Park and Rita Ora has teamed up with Adidas, there is no slowdown in sight for casual athletic trends. The style guide is mixing traditional materials and garments, sweats, hoods, jog bottoms, with technical stretch fabrics, printed with logos and graphics to reinforce the message.
Prototype 21 offers the complete 
sportwear package for finished, printed, athletic apparel that includes:-
UK made stretch activewear including yoga clothing with all over dye sublimation and stretch transfers.
UK made hoods, sweats and tee shirts, constructed from the finest pima cotton.
A wide range of 
high quality
garments available from stock.
A design, screen print, embroidery and transfer service from a top creative team.
Rapid turn around and huge capacity without having to go offshore.

Crafted Garments




Working with the creatives at Red Consultancy and London sportswear brand Active in Style, P21 manufactured a limited range of distinctive athleisure wear. The garments used screen printed and stretch vinyl graphics to create maximum impact. This capsule collection was part of the nutritional awareness campaign “Powered by bread” and featured Georgia Kousoulou of The Only Way is Essex fame.

In a collaboration with London based photographer Tom Oldham, Prototype 21 have manufactured a limited edition T-shirt, that has been entirely made in the UK. A loose fitting garment with a decidedly retro feel, the brief was to create an old school surf shirt that would suit Tom's iconic image of Caribbean culture. This premium garment was constructed in a heavyweight pima cotton that will soften with washing and age naturally to become a classic, timeless piece.  

It was decided that to do justice to Tom's original photo, we capture the vibrant colours and crisp detail, by using direct to garment digital printing. Overall, this project illustrated the potential in the combination of the craftsman's skills in manufacturing, the harnessing of intellectual property and the utility of digital technology.

The latest Tommy O project involved Prototype 21 designing and manufacturing an exclusive T-shirt for photographer Tom Oldham.

Featuring bespoke packaging, this exclusive limited edition was all made in the UK without compromising at any stage on quality

Classic Black and White T-Shirts are

fashion staples of every man’s wardrobe.

There was no room for compromise so we chose a Supima cotton yarn, and with

to a new level of quality with an artisan’s attention to materials and manufacturing. To make that possible we went back to the fundamentals, yarns, knitting, dyeing and finishing.T shirtPrototype 21 believe, it’s time to elevate the

This basic item underpins fashion collections, any season. More than just a utility piece, the T-shirt can represent a whole brand story through styling and graphics.

In what is now a global market, “provenance” is becoming more and more of a valuable asset, one that cannot be replicated offshore. Our focus is to partner with leading brands to develop the highest quality garments and raise the not so simple T-shirt to a new level of luxury.
this we knit our amazingly soft jersey.

With materials in place, our focus was on the integrity of the manufacturing process from design through to the finished article. We made the decision to use UK factories. UK manufacturing not only supports the British economy, it guarantees fair wages, cuts down on carbon footprint and can reduce supply time. For British
brands there is also the benefit associated with being able to say “Made in the UK”

Luxury brand 37S (3 Sevens) have commissioned Prototype 21 to develop a range of t-shirts that use our UK knitted pima cotton jersey.


The initial range will include black, white and grey marl versions, with the garments made in the UK.

37S reflects a growing trend for prestige brands to locate their manufacturing in the British Isles.

Prototype 21 is now manufacturing incredibly rare Tompkin's Loopback fleece here in the UK.

The first roll of this amazing fabric came off the production line only a few weeks ago and we are now ready to send out swatches.

Nothing compares to the Tompkin’s 100% cotton loopback for softness and the distinctive appearance of this heritage fabric.

Knitted on what could be the last machine of its era in the UK, the material occupies the same hallowed ground as Japanese selvedge denim, truly a one for the sweatshirt cognoscenti.

Prototype looks forward to collaborating with designers and brands in producing British made luxury loopback sportswear.

P21 are dedicated to the development of the world’s highest quality cotton jersey, knitted, dyed and finished in Leicester, UK.

We are aiming our fabrics at British brands that have the ambition to produce garments for an ever growing global marketplace, brands who understand that provenance is the one unique asset that cannot be reproduced offshore.

In addition to making the fabrics, we also have the capacity to manufacture garments to client’s specifications, pattern cutting, sampling, production, embroidery, transfers , print, digital or screen and we specialise in the fundamental garments of life:

t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers.

340gsm TOMPKINS Loopback


Unisex, Ungendered, Gender fluid... All terms to describe a growing movement towards clothing that all sexes can share. Both Rihanna and Beyonce’s latest ranges of Sportswear include crossover clothing.

Prototype 21 has a range of hoods,sweats and t-shirts in sizes and shapes that are tailored to fit anyone.



Endless high fashion articles have been written about Sports Luxe over the last 12 months. Hoodies, sweatshirts, t shirts and jog pants have never had it so good.

Prototype 21 have an amazing range of colours and styles to choose from. Combine with screen prints, embroideries or transfers to create your own Sports Luxe brand!!


Endless high fashion articles have been written about Sports Luxe over the last 12 months. Hoodies, sweatshirts, t shirts and jog pants have never had it so good.

Prototype 21 have an amazing range of colours and styles to choose from. Combine with screen prints, embroideries or transfers to create your own Sports Luxe brand!!



Embroidered sports-

wear has long had a cult status, from the classic Americana of THE 1950' T0 contemporary STREET


Chanel, Stussy, Givenchy, Carhartt, Hermes, Bape, Boss, Stone Island, Gucci, Fred Perry, Luis Vuitton, Lacoste, Burberry, Armani, Prada, Versace and Supreme.

Originally a craft, now performed by digitally controlled machines...  Hand stitched by robots!

Victorian  Hi-Tech

P21 has a full DTG (Direct to Garment) capability: A technology that has revolutionised garment decoration.


DTG is a great way to print short runs of any garment and works with light or dark colour garments in full colour including photographs.


Unlike screen printing, there are no setup costs so printing small orders with rapid turnaround becomes possible.


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