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Renowned as one of the UK"s most influential and creative companies, Prototype 21 are a rare blend of artists and craftsmen.


Founded in North West London in 1992, our specialisation is fashion brand consultancy, graphic design, screen printing, UK apparel manufacturing and fabric sourcing.


Skills that have been honed in the demanding world of fashion can equally be applied in other sectors where the highest quality and service are recognised; music industry, corporate events, uniforms etc.


With this in mind, we offer a full service including garment supply, conceptual input, range development, decorative application, embroidery advice, label supply, re-labelling, bagging, swing ticketing and distribution.


Prototype 21 caters to the rapid response needs of niche markets where digital channels propagate ideas and styles in seconds. We aim to provide customised solutions for clients looking to project a brand image of the highest standards and even luxury.


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